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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Ink,Pain,Blood's LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 4th, 2007
6:39 am
And then!
With fear in his heart he looks at the seat to find her wallet, phone, and some change.
"Her stuff is here." as he turns to see if there is something in the woods. He yells desparetly searching the trees. " Nina, were are you?!"
The wind and leaves rustle all around, blowing past him. Reaching to close the door his hand is suddenly cold and wet from the door. Looking at the site of his hand, now wet with blood, his beathing increases. Fear fills his mind.
“Could she be dead?” “God let her be ok!” Tears fall from his eyes as his body shakes with frustration. Wiping his face to see the phone he dials the police.
Operator answers,”911. What is your emergency?”
Gasping to sound clear. “Yes, my wife has been missing since this morning.”
His voice cracks a little tring not to cry.
“ How long has she been missing?”
“She not answered he phone since 9:30 am.”
“ Her truck and personal possesions are here at her work, and there is blood on the driver door!” Now unable to control his composure he snaps.
“ I need a cop here NOW. She has been taken from her job!”
“ Calm down sir an officer is on the way.”
“ Thank you.”
Waiting for the police to arrive he paces searching the woods at a distance for some evidence of which way Nina was taken.
“Paul Drown!” Announced by an officer as he approached with his flashlight.
“Yes sir.” Turning to face him. Eager to explane all that he found he rambles.
“ Her stuff is in the truck, blood on the driver door, distur…”
“ Sir, it will be ok I have an officer closing the drive to this site and our ferensic on the way.” “Now, What happened?” His eyes roamed around the site to take an inventory of everything.
“Sorry. I just want my wife safe at home. I have not heard from her since this morning. I left work and came here to find this.”
Glancing at his hand the officer sees the blood. “Did you touch anything out here?”
Realizing what the officer saw Paul explanes what he touch to prove he did not do this.
“ Yes, I touched the driver door. I got here and it was dark. I saw the truck and her things inside with the door open, I called for her and reached to close the door. That is when I found the blood and called 911.”
“O.k. sir.” The officer takes his statement and proceeds to ask questions and talk him through everything they will do to find Nina.
The forensic team arrive twenty minutes later. Walking up to the truch and Paul they took samples of everything. Nina’s items left there, photograph were they were. Hair and blood samples. Including the blood on Paul’s hands. After all the processing and photographing Paul was escorted to the police station to give more information and her truck hauled away for further analysis.
Fearing what happened. He sits quiet. Looking pale in the face he shuts down inside his mind. All fears imaginable run through his thoughts raising his heart rate. The more the officers try to talk to him the less responsive he becomes. After hours of attempting to get more information Paul’s father arrives to help and give his son some hope.
With all the work being done in the woods and at the station. It seemed like their plan worked.

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
2:20 pm
Next page
Screaming to be heard, now mixed in emotions of fear and anger by this predicament I take my thumb and index finger in between his soft webbed section of his hands. Squeazeing with all I could he let a muffled cry of pain as I moved his hands away from my eyes and waist. Suddenly hitting the cold ground with my knee and hands I grabbed a fist full of dirt and dry leaves. Turning to face him I threw every bit of dirt and leaves at his eyes. "Ahg ahhh." He grunts and moans in agony like an animal trying to get the dirt from his eyes. Taking the advantage I make a mad dash for my truck. I had reached the bumper but he had one eye free and reached for my Jacket.
The force of his tugging slowed my momentum to get to the door down that I was only able to get the door flung open. I struggled to free myself from my jacket. For one second I thought I was free of him. Only to get a hard object striking the back of my head. The force of the blow sent my head forward. My forhead was warm and my hearing muffled. Reaching to feel the warmth, I looked. Bringing my hand down there was blood running down my forhead. I collapsed. He proceded to pick my pockets clean leaving everything I had in the truck. Lifting me up and holding me close he spoke. Being unconcieous I guess he felt he could speak to me.
With a look of desparation and need in his eyes and voice, he said.
"My lady I am sorry, but my lord misses his bride." Walking through the woods he takes me away from my life I once knew.
Hours go by. Normally Paul calls me when he leaves from work. This evening was the first time his heart sank. "Why won't she pick up the phone?!" Starting to panic he dails his father. "Come on, come on. Pick up!"
"What's up?" His father answers.
"Hay, has Nina called you at all today?" Paul's voice is forcefull but flustered.
"No, why, what happened!?" Suddenly confusion and worry sets in his fathers mind. The family was very close the their sons and to Nina. Like a daughter they never had.
" She is not answering her phone and I haven't heard from her since this morning!"
Feeling worse by the minute Paul heads towards the wells to check if she is there. After phone calls to her parents and friends, getting the same answer frustration sets in. Upon pulling up to the well he stopped and his eyes grew wide. “The truck is in the drive but were is she?” In a single move Paul opens the door and runs to the truck.

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Monday, December 11th, 2006
8:23 am
A bedtime story
Here is a story I am working on. I thought I would share. Enjoy!

1:34 PM 10/30/2006
For some strange reason the oddest things seem to happen to me. Why I am not exactly sure but the whole strange series of events occured six months ago. As ussual I was going through my work day. Being a female operator of a sewage plant along with drinking wells is a challenging task but the family needed help with bills. My husband Paul is kind, stern at times but very motivated. He is more experienced in the same fields of work them I am. You see I was married into a family business contracted to handle these duties of waste water and water jobs. So I got use to the work and was hired to help the buisness and better our family income. Work was getting tight with normal task and two kids to pick up afterwards I am thankful for any help my husband gives around the house. Which in most cases is more than some men I have seen. One morning I went to the wells first, being my usual route to take, I arived at my first gated well. Not alert to my surroundings i grabbed my notepad and equipement and stepped out of my truck. As soon as I closed the door I heard a snap near the trees. Tall pine trees and shrubs surround these well houses. Wind blew strong; blowing that October air straight through me I zipped up my jacket to block some of the wind. Snap! The snap caught my attention. Quick to look I checked the grounds with my eyes. Maybe it was the wind breaking a few slinder branches off. Hard to say for sure what I heard. The leaves dried and crackly rolled by and fell down from the trees. Outside sounds surrounded me from every direction. Confident that it was nothing but usual outdoor sounds I headed a few steps to the well house. Within five feet I heard fast russling of leaves and grass. Before I could turn my head my vision went black. It was covered by something warm and strong. Heavy hot breathes of some man just a inch or two taller than me was suddenly flush with my body just as fast as the blackness engulfed my eyes.

To be continued......

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Thursday, December 7th, 2006
3:13 pm
The beginning
Or is it the end. Maybe they are the same. Hello everyone. Welcome to my insanity. Thought I would try something new and see what happens. I enjoy tattoos and have another. trying to save for a third one.
Here it is.
See ya!

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